Tuesday, March 11, 2014

StarKeeper Gallery

Roger Allen, founder, owner and operator of StarKeeper Gallery expresses his love of clay and story telling in his beautiful south western style pottery.  From stripe ware to his Big Ass Dancers (yes you read that right, they are called Big Ass Dancers); you will be taken back at the beauty that each and every hand thrown and painted piece offers.  

The StarKeeper is an original story, complete with Illustrations, by Roger Allen that is based on the Shaman, or Medicine Man Healer-spiritual leader of the Southwest Native Americans. Hopefully you will share all the different emotions this series evokes. See the clear color of the sky as the sun rises and sets- feel the thoughts of meaningful work and sharing with friends- and be the protector of your stars.

In addition to the StarKeeper we have new creations that include BAD ladies (Big Ass Dancers), Animal Spirits, Mandalas, Striped Ware and Multi Colored Stripe Ware.  These clay pieces are as much paintings as they are ceramic work.  Hope you enjoy the blog and come to visit the Art Center to hear and see the latest stories.  Most popular designs are multi stripe ware and a line of striped dinner wares. 

If you wish to see more please visit our gallery site at

StarKeeper Gallery
2505 Martin Luther King
San Angelo TX 76903